Astrology of Alzheimer Condition

Astrology of Alzheimer Condition

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What is Alzheimer Condition?

  • Alzheimer is a modern and also degenerative mind illness which triggers issues with memory, assuming and also practices.
  • Amyloidal plaques and also neurofibrillary tangles are 2 kinds of healthy proteins in charge of damaging mind afferent neuron creating Alzheimer illness.
  • Various other adding significant variables for this illness are genetic, seniority, brain injury, Down disorder, smoking cigarettes, anxiety, raised homocystein degree, heart issues.

The signs of Alzheimer illness:

Short-term amnesia, failure to carry out regular job, power of judgment and also thinking weaken, alter in state of mind, habits and also interaction patterns, damaged language abilities, psychological outbursts and also in last the person’s capability to identify faces and also to connect is totally shed in addition to the capability to manage digestive tract and also bladder control.

Astrological significator for Alzheimer illness:

Ascendant: general strength/weakness of wellness, head and also mind

sixth residence: residence of health issues, way of life

8th residence: life span, incurable conditions, injuries, reduced and also remaining conditions, reason of fatality

12th residence: a hospital stay, rest, mental illness

Mercury: nerves, stands for the concept funding psychological feature, assuming, creating, hearing, all kinds of interaction

Saturn: persistent conditions, lumps, desiccation, diminishing, under-function, retardation, and also collapse seniority.

Mars: muscle system, swelling of arteries resulting in the mind, crashes, vigor, high temperatures.

Jupiter: blood circulation system.

Uranus: suggests body electrical power

Various mix’s for Alzheimer illness:

  • Mercury is retrograded/ inauspiciously placed/set/debilitated/ hammed in between malefic/aspected by harmful Saturn/Uranus suggests mental illness.
  • Mercury and also Jupiter positioned in 6th/8th/12th homes and also aspected by harmful.
  • Mercury aspected/conjunct/associated with Saturn/Uranus suggests mind issues.
  • Mercury positioned in third residence and also aspected by Saturn/Uranus.
  • Indicator Gemini and also Mercury drastically affected and also pertaining to 6th/8th/12th indication might trigger Alzheimer illness.
  • Mercury and also Moon are incongruous element or in 12th residence and also aspected by Pluto.
  • third residence and also Mercury are affected by Neptune.
  • Mercury/Saturn pertaining to trine/6th/8th/ 12th residence and also aspected by Uranus


  • Moon aspected/associated with Saturn/Ketu suggests mental illness.
  • Affected fourth residence and also Moon suggests anxiety and also psychological fears.
  • Moon in 6th/8th/12th residence suggested mental illness.
  • Greatly tenanted 12th Home particularly with a Star there might recommend mental disease and also organizations


  • Saturn and also Rahu association/conjunction/aspect offers misconception and also psychological fears and also remaining conditions.
  • Saturn related to trine/4th residence, aspected by harmful suggests mind issues.
  • Rahu positioned in angle/6th/8th/ 12th residence, leading to high blood pressure.
  • Mars, Mercury, Neptune conj in Cancer/4th residence.

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