3 All-natural Lyme Therapies for Pets

3 All-natural Lyme Therapies for Pets

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When it pertains to Lyme disease and also direct exposure to the attacking pests that lug the illness … i.e. ticks, fleas, insects, horseflies, and so on … your pet dog might be your “canary in a coalmine.” To put it simply, due to the fact that your fuzzy close friend is babbling via locations of greater direct exposure to these pests than you, it might obtain revealed to Lyme disease prior to you do.

Subsequently, you might observe your pet dog displaying the adhering to signs and symptoms, and also if you do, you must call your veterinarian to have your animal examined for Lyme disease:

  • Tight joints
  • Abrupt lameness & & arm or leg degeneration
  • Partial face paralysis
  • Exhaustion & & slowness
  • Clinical Depression
  • Intestinal troubles

Like with human beings, a 4-6 week training course of doxycyline has the greatest possible to knock the infection out and also maintain it from entering into the persistent stage if captured within the initial 60 days of infection start.

Nevertheless, if you do not capture it in time or if you are not thinking about providing anti-biotics to your animal, there are 3 all-natural therapies with high degrees of efficiency.


The Cowden Method was established by Dr. William Lee Cowden, MD originally for the therapy of late-stage Borrelia and also Lyme co-infections. Because the method assists to solve most of the origin of the majority of individual’s signs and symptoms in human beings, it can likewise be made use of to deal with “post-treatment Lyme disease disorder” and also numerous various other persistent wellness problems of vague reason in pet dogs too.

The Cowden Method makes use of 15 various items consisting of 8 microbial protection herbals (4 sets of herbals) that are absorbed turning.

Most of the method is carried out via natural casts, where decreases of the therapy are blended in water prior to consuming, and also it is simple to place these decrease in your pet dog’s water recipe as long as you make sure your animal beverages all of it.

In relation to application for a pet dog, listed below are standards:

  • Big pet dogs (45-88 pounds.) would certainly take around 1/2 of the human dosage (suggested on the container)
  • Tool pet dogs (23-44 pounds.) would certainly take around 1/4 of the human dosage
  • Tiny (5-22 pounds.) pet dogs would certainly take 1/10 of the human dosage


Dr. Stephen Buhner has actually likewise established a widely known and also reliable therapy for Lyme disease and also co-infections for human beings, and also he advises the adhering to natural therapies for pet dogs.

  • Japanese Knotweed Origin ( Polygonum cuspidatum) can lower the swelling from Lyme disease which subsequently can lower a lot of the signs and symptoms that take place. The powdered type of the natural herb can be contributed to your pet dog’s food at 3 tbsps, two times each day … early morning and also night.
  • Pet cat’s Claw ( Uncaria tomentosa) assists increase the body immune system to ideal battle the illness. The powdered type of the natural herb can be contributed to your pet dog’s food at 3 tbsps, two times each day … early morning and also night.
  • Glucosamine Sulfate is an all-natural supplement that is commonly consisted of in pet dog treats to assist joint troubles. It assists with discomfort and also swelling and also brings back and also secures cartilage material. The powdered type of the supplement can be contributed to your pet dog’s food at 2 tbsps, two times each day … early morning and also night.


Dr. Stephen Tobin is an alternative veterinarian in Connecticut that has actually efficiently dealt with greater than 1,000 pet dogs with Lyme disease making use of homeopathy. He reports the therapy likewise functions well for pet cats and also equines.


Naturally, avoidance is the most effective approach for prevent Lyme disease completely. What adheres to are the most effective actions to eliminate a tick efficiently from your animal …

To securely eliminate a tick, please do the following:

  1. Usage fine-tipped tweezers to comprehend the tick as near its head and also the skin’s surface area as feasible.
  2. Pull straight higher without turning or choosing at the tick. Turning can trigger the tick’s head and also mouth components to break short and also continue to be in the skin. If this takes place, eliminate them with tweezers.
  3. After getting rid of the tick, prevent any kind of call with blood or liquids originating from the tick. Extensively tidy the bite location and also your hands with scrubing alcohol, an iodine scrub, or soap and also water. Including a decline or more of clove oil (oil of clove vital oils) straight on the bite location can assist remove infection.
  4. Dispose of a real-time tick by putting it in a secured bag/container, covering it firmly in tape, or purging it down the bathroom. Never ever squash a tick with your fingers to prevent any kind of feasible call with microorganisms.
  5. Free tick screening is readily available thanks to the Bay Area Lyme Foundation by clicking here.


Cistus Tea can be consumed as a tick repellent! According to Dietrich Klinghardt, the Sardinians have actually found via the years that when providing Cistus Incanus to their pet dogs or animals, the pets that consumed the tea leaves displayed no ticks whereas those that really did not consume the plant had loads of ticks. This technique appears to deal with human beings and also it’s a fantastic adverse effects of the tea and also a pleasurable option to placing on chemical repellents to maintain ticks away. You can spray the fallen leaves on your animal’s food to maintain them tick-free too.

Dose: Simply utilize 1/2 tsp per 10 pounds of body weight. You do not need to place the pot on for your animal, you can simply place the natural herb straight right into their food. Pet dogs like the preference!

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