Brain injury recovery: with Nick Mercer

Brain injury recovery: with Nick Mercer

Table of Contents

00:45 Nick Mercer
04:58 Nick’s brain injury story
09:14 Coping with a brain injury
12:42 Acceptance and mindset
19:14 Speech problems after traumatic brain injury
22:08 Better brain injury care
25:56 Concussion Talk podcast

Intro to this episode on brain injury recovery

Brain injury recovery is a procedure and also as everybody understand, it’s equally as a lot a mental as it is a physical procedure. In this Blast Stories episode, brain injury survivor Nick Mercer shares his tale. You might understand Nick from Blast Talk, his podcast regarding terrible brain injury healing.

What currently complies with is a records of the whole podcast episode.

Blast Stories

[0:00 Melanie] Welcome to Concussion Stories, a Lifeyana podcast collection loaded with hope. I’m right here to allow you understand that you are not the only one in your blast healing. I’m Melanie as well as I invested greater than 6 years exploring, training as well as understanding in order to recover myself from an extremely negative situation of post-concussion disorder. As well as today, I really feel far better than in the past.

In Blast Stories, we dig deep while going over enthusiastic tales of healing, along with the alcohol in the untidy center. If you’re having a hard time to concentrate, make sure to take breaks. Down in the summary of each episode, you can locate a tabulation– in situation you intend to miss in advance. Allow’s dive right in.

Nick Mercer

[0:45 Melanie] In today’s episode you reach listen to Nick Mercer. Back in 2003, he was biking with pals in his cherished house nation Canada when he had a mishap as well as banged right into a tree. He remained in a coma for 2 weeks as well as needed to relearn several abilities afterwards, like strolling.

2 years after injury, he went back to complete his master’s level. As well as currently, virtually twenty years after injury, he’s motivating as well as aiding others by sharing acknowledgment, understanding as well as credibility via his Blast Talk podcast.

Enjoy our video clip

Nick’s speech might be challenging to recognize sometimes. So if it assists you as well as you aren’t currently viewing this episode as a video clip, I advise you comply with the web link listed below this episode to view it with captions over on YouTube, to make sure that you obtain one of the most out of every little thing that Nick needs to show you. Prepare yourself to be influenced by Nick’s straightforward as well as sensible words.

Newfoundland as well as Labrador & & the pet dog …

[1:40 Melanie] So Nick, with the danger of seeming oblivious, I actually had an incredible exploration. Since I think you reside in an extremely splendidly labelled District of Canada. It’s called …

[1:50 Nick Mercer] It’s called Newfoundland as well as Labrador. I was really birthed in Newfoundland. Since when they came eastern as well as there resembled simply colony, I assume that’s why– that’s what I found out.

[2:13 Melanie] Which’s exactly how the pet dog was called …

[2:17 Nick] The pet dog was called … Possibly, I’m uncertain … I assume it was most likely due to the fact that of the English watercrafts, most likely?

[2:27 Melanie] You see exactly how this is complex.

[2:29 Nick Mercer] Yeah, I understand, I never ever heard it’s called after the pet dog. Regarding I understand, the pet dog is called after the land.

[2:38 Melanie] Yeah, that appears rational. Yeah. I currently stated that I would most likely appear oblivious, however I simply wished to know what it was as well as exactly how it became.

[2:49 Nick Mercer] I understand really little regarding Holland, so you’re great.

Hanging out with friends and family

[2:53 Melanie] Can you possibly share a bit regarding on your own, so possibly points you such as to do or individuals you would love to invest your time with?

[3:00 Nick Mercer] Well, certainly it’s my friends and family I would certainly like my time with. I was birthed in 1980. And also as you understand, I was birthed in Newfoundland, currently Newfoundland as well as Labrador.

Nick’s cycling mishap

After that I mosted likely to BC as well as I mosted likely to the College of Victoria, which gets on the Western coastline of Canada, much west. When I was available, I began to do triathlons as well as I existed to do my Master’s of Public Management.

I will leave for my job term to return out eastern to Ontario. I was opting for a team of pals from my triathlon group, as well as I collapsed right into a tree as well as wound up in a coma for 2 weeks. I had a truly negativebrain injury

Blast Talk podcast as well as various other interests

Because 2010 I have actually been doing my internet site called Blast Talk. As well as because 2015, my podcast, the Blast Talk podcast. I do enjoy swimming, as I informed you in the last podcast. I was swimming today. In the summertime, I swim in the lakes close by around community as well as in the sea when it’s July or August, due to the fact that or else it is not cozy.

As Well As I am really close with my pals as well as my family members: my sis that remains in Toronto as well as my mommy lives rather close by. She stays in St. John’s with me. Not with me, however she lives close by also.

[4:53 Melanie] You’re bordered by a great deal of liked ones.

[4:56 Nick Mercer] Yes.

Nick’s brain injury tale

Nick’s brain injury story

[4:58 Melanie] As Well As have they been with you via the entire brain injury … Wow, what do we call that?

[5:08 Nick Mercer] Experience?

[5:09 Melanie] Yeah, experience? That appears light, well …

Buddies pertained to the health center

[5:13 Nick Mercer] Well, I remained in British Columbia when it took place, which is a trip from St. John’ sVictoria– regarding 11 hrs. As well as my various other pals remained in Ontario, which has to do with 6 hrs, however they were almost everywhere. When I was harmed, I was 23. They were additionally 23, 24. As well as then, they were all spread around, doing their point.

They could not simply jump as well as take place an airplane like my moms and dads as well as sis did. Yet they were about by phone as well as pertained to see me. As well as my pals from Victoria were simply incredible … I had actually fulfilled them just at one of the most 7 months in advance as well as they were okay there at the health center everyday.

Certainly, I really did not understand, I was bad. I was either in a coma or simply appearing of the coma so I had not been actually that conscious. Yet they were type as well as they were simply incredible. As well as my family members certainly is, also.

Household flew throughout the nation

[6:35 Melanie] Since your mishap took place, what year was it?

[6:39 Nick Mercer] 2003.

[6:40 Melanie] 2003. And afterwards you’re, completely throughout the nation. Your moms and dads as well as your sis flew in.

[6:55 Nick Mercer] Yeah.

[6:56 Melanie] They have to have had the shock of their lives.

[6:59 Nick Mercer] Yeah, they actually had.

Extreme terrible brain injury

[7:01 Melanie] Yet you remained in a coma, so your injury was most likely classified formally extreme terrible brain injury, right?

[7:08 Nick Mercer] It was, yeah. On the Glasgow Coma Scale, I was a 4 I assume– or 5 possibly. And now, it’s transformed, however I was 4. I just understand every little thing regarding my brain injury stage via individual experience as well as additionally I have actually discovered the real statistics, like the main numbers as simply rumor due to the fact that I had not been around for it.

[7:40 Melanie] No, certainly, no.

[7:43 Nick Mercer] Yeah.

Memory troubles after getting up

[7:43 Melanie] And afterwards the initial point you most likely bear in mind is getting up, right? Or do you not also keep in mind that?

[7:51 Nick Mercer] I do not understand. It’s all a blur … If I recall, I bear in mind viewing a registered nurse entered into the space asking me where I was. As well as I stated, Victoria, Texas. I believed I remained in Texas somehow. She stated fine. I had no suggestion what day it was or where it was.

I bear in mind arbitrary points at the health center from my time in the health center. Yet I bear in mind obtaining house 6 weeks after my injury. Yet to state what my initial memory was … I have no suggestion.

[8:49 Melanie] I can just think of. For me, it was a little the exact same after my injury. Yet certainly, it was a truly various experience due to the fact that the extent was … It’s a totally various medical diagnosis. Yet I can just think of exactly how complex it has to have been for you during that time.

Managing a brain injury

Coping with a brain injury

At the time, when you had this complete blown brain injury creating possibly still a little bit, could you manage it?

[9:26 Nick Mercer] Not actually. In 2003, the physicians were attempting to assist me as well as I was doing rehab things. I was speaking with psycho therapists as well as seeing a physio therapist as well as physical therapists as well as I really did not understand what to anticipate.

Say goodbye to waterpolo as well as triatlons

I could not do points that were crucial to me. I was a waterpolo gamer as well as a triathlete prior to my injury, as in: the early morning of and afterwards I simply could not swim for the very first time. As well as I wept when I pursued the very first time, due to the fact that I could not make it to 5 meters. I could not run.

So it was tough to take care of my physical constraints, however my mind was really pretty good. Certainly, with my dual vision it was illegible. I wished to check out a great deal however I could not, due to the fact that the dual vision was preventing that. Currently, I can manage it due to the fact that my mindset has actually transformed.

23 years with a brain injury

Yet initially, my mindset was even more of a 23-year-old: I wished to do things.

[11:02 Melanie] Certainly

[11:03 Nick Mercer] You understand, life.

[11:06 Melanie] Certainly it matters that you’re … it matters a lot that you’re 23 as well as that you’re beginning life, I would certainly state: beginning grown-up life, discovering the globe– as well as this occurs to you. Since you really did not also obtain a possibility to flower yet, I would certainly state.

[11:24 Nick Mercer] No.

Post-injury clinical depression

[11:25 Melanie] Yet any person that would certainly have every one of their interests as well as tasks as well as capacities removed like that would certainly have … well, “battled” is the least of words that you can utilize.

[11:41 Nick Mercer] Yeah, it still was difficult. I was certainlydepressed My moms and dads as well as my sis aided me. My sis aided me take care of it a great deal. I would certainly anger as well as I’m distressed as well as things, however absolutely nothing insane as well as absolutely nothing lasting either.

So like you stated prior to: when it initially occurs, we remain in shock that it was taking place or that it would not repair itself. I had not been planned for that, due to the fact that my life prior to that was truthfully fantastic as well as I was succeeding as well as points weren’t typically an issue. So I figured it would certainly simply repair itself: I would certainly simply need to draw it up at the health center for a couple of months. By the time that actually disappeared, those was difficult years.

Approval as well as way of thinking

Yet after that I resembled: this is it. Yet you understand, I assume that that really did not appear simply automatically. It established from not thinking it to simply approving it, as well as currently I’m simply dealing with it the very best I can. I’m simply appreciating my life currently.

[12:59 Melanie] That’s the 2nd time that you currently discuss the topic of mindset … most likely way of thinking. Can you inform a little bit regarding exactly how that has affected your trip?

Nick’s way of thinking change

[13:16 Nick Mercer] Well, my way of thinking initially was: I intend to do this, I have actually made strategies as well as I had ideas regarding where I would certainly be as well as what I’ll be doing as well as blah blah. All right stuff you assume when you’re young.

My way of thinking currently is much more reflection as well as points like that. Recently living– it does not imply disregarding the future, however you’re simply taking pleasure in the minute. You understand, due to the fact that you have actually discussed your Buddhist dispositions. I’m not Buddhist, however it’s simply that type of point: simply appreciate what is.

As well as if you keep in mind that, after that you can simply remedy your considering: I reached repair myself, I reached do this, as well as I’ll never ever really feel excellent till I do this or do that or whatever. I can not play water polo like I utilized to. Yet I can swim, I can delight in life as well as I do yoga exercise. I can do Pilates. Simply maintain energetic, do various other things.

New definition as well as satisfaction

[14:45 Melanie] So various other points entered this area as well as despite the fact that you would most likely enjoy to do the various other points, the brand-new points are additionally purposeful for you.

[14:58 Nick Mercer] Certainly, it’s really purposeful to delight in life as is as well as has actually come to be so.

[15:05 Melanie] I locate you’re so solid therefore bold for doing all that you’re doing, due to the fact that you have actually come such a lengthy means. A lot has actually taken place to you, as well as hear what you’re stating today!

These are words of hope as well as of toughness as well as additionally of satisfaction in a life that you would not have actually selected on your own prior to. Which reveals a great deal of exercising approval– I seem like you have actually approved what has actually happened your life. As well as because, you locate a new sense of meaning.

Lessons from Buddhism

[15:53 Nick Mercer] Yeah, blessing is words. You spoke about the Buddhist affects, as well as once more, I’m not mosting likely to teach on Buddhism, I’m simply, however simply delight in the minute, due to the fact that minutes as well as life are simply experiences.

[16:13 Melanie] I assume that is one of the most important … present– I state that really thoroughly– of injury, of points that can occur to us. Since initially, it can all seem like life has no definition any longer.

As Well As Thich Nhat Hanh, he is just one of individuals I research Buddhism with, he created something like: a garden enthusiast does not different trash– the weeds– from the blossom. So he utilizes the trash, the weed, to become garden compost to assist the blossoms expand much more.

[17:09 Nick Mercer] That’s a great example.

[17:11 Melanie] Yeah, he makes the very best examples. I assume he’s a great educator. Yet I assume that this is what you have actually done. As well as additionally, I assume that this is things that conserved me also. So my circumstance was really various, however I identify a lot from your tale. As well as it aided us a lot.

The power of point of view

I assume it’s really vital for our audiences additionally to hear this, that if you have this point of view that something much better might be awaiting you, not far better than your previous life, however far better than what you’re really feeling today … It’s 2 various lives: prior to as well as after, however both can be purposeful in their very own means.

[17:49 Nick Mercer] Yeah.

[17:50 Melanie] Which actually drew me via, that idea that something excellent might be awaiting me.

Mindfulness as well as approval

[17:57 Nick Mercer] Yeah, due to the fact that I assume that the mindfulness component of it is that you are worthy of things that are taking place today. Yet you assume: this misbehaves, this is not what I intend to occur. Yet simply observe it as an experience, as well as the following 2nd it will certainly be something that took place in the past. It will certainly lag you, you recall as well as state, “Okay, to make sure that point took place. As well as we proceed to the following point.”

Taking care of the negative effects of a brain injury

[18:23 Melanie] Certainly you need to resolve points if they exist. As well as you additionally discussed, I do not understand if it remains in this podcast, or in our last recording, however you discussed the psycho therapist. We have actually currently chatted for a lengthy while currently. Yet it’s really vital to take care of all the mental negative effects of brain injury constructively.

Still, a favorable mindset, I would certainly state … You do not need to pump on your own up in order to really feel favorable: I really feel favorable, I really feel favorable– that does not function. Yet if you have a perspective of: I can figure this out– if that’s the fundamental idea– as well as something much better could be awaiting me, those are points that currently raise you up when you state it.

[19:07 Nick Mercer] Yeah.

[19:09 Melanie] To Make Sure That’s so vital to do.

[19:11 Nick Mercer] Yeah, I accept that.

Speech troubles after terrible brain injury

Speech problems after traumatic brain injury

[19:14 Melanie] Can I ask you another thing? Since I currently informed you that I had this speech obstacle initially, so I had a great deal of problem discovering words. When I could not locate my words initially, I had problem discovering words as well as I pulled away. So I stayed clear of circumstances where I needed to locate words. Discussions, interaction, communication, anything.

[19:41 Nick Mercer] Yeah.

Speech obstacle as well as a podcast

[19:42 Melanie] You additionally have aspeech impediment

[19:45 Nick Mercer] Yes.

[19:46 Melanie] As well as you make podcasts.

[19:48 Nick Mercer] Yes.

[19:49 Melanie] I praise you for that. Since I locate that’s really bold. As well as I assume it’s terrific due to the fact that, certainly, it’s so excellent that you do it, due to the fact that it’s what it is. As well as it’s so vital to share exactly how it is, as opposed to what I did: pulling away as well as disappointing to make sure that no one might react to it as a whole. Just how is that for you? Just how do you see that?

Nick missed out on speaking with individuals

[20:16 Nick Mercer] Once More, this is as a result of my approval. I could not have actually done a podcast because initial year, also if I was talking penalty. My head had not been in the appropriate area for it. Yet approval was so vital.

After that I understood that I wished to really speak with individuals. I could not play sporting activities as well as things like that, so I could not fulfill individuals in this way. I wished to speak with individuals. A podcast is a practical justification to speak with individuals.

Talking quickly is challenging

My speech still is … when I obtain delighted regarding a subject as well as talk rapidly, individuals will not recognize me. It is improving because I have actually done a great deal of podcasts. It type of assists them really feel that my podcast is genuine, it’s evident that I have a brain injury or a minimum of a shortage of some type.

It’s not like I’m talking such as this as well as stating: “You must do this, you must do that.” I’m not evaluating while I’m discovering. I simply intend to pick up from individuals as well as to speak with individuals as well as discover what they’re doing as well as what’s offered for other individuals that are possibly in my previous circumstance.

Much Better brain injury treatment

[22:08 Melanie] It’s terrific, due to the fact that you discuss why you’re doing what you’re doing. Which was additionally among things that I actually wished to ask you: what is things that you most desire out of every little thing that you’ve been via for other individuals with brain injury?

[22:27 Nick Mercer] I desire other individuals to have far better accessibility of take care ofbrain injury I assume it’s excellent to hear what you’re doing as well as individuals that were harmed in 2014 or 2 years back, sharing their experiences as well as press for even more improvement.

Attempt to experience, not court

I simply desire individuals to not be so judgmental of their present circumstance as well as simply keep in mind that it’s life. You have much less affect on your life which appears actually depressing as well as negative. Yet it’s simply implied to be: where you’re birthed, that your moms and dads remain in your location– there’s a lot that you had no selection over. Which’s penalty: that’s simply the means life takes place.

I really did not pick this. I had a safety helmet on. I really did not pick to obtain a brain injury, however I did. Take the experience wherefore it is. As well as do not deal with every negative point that took place to you as the most awful point that can occur to anyone worldwide. This is one point. It’s not also a poor point. It’s simply a point that took place. Individuals assume me unusual for stating that it had not been a poor point. Yet it was simply a point that took place to me.

This isn’t simple to approve

[24:11 Melanie] I identify as well as can recognize every little thing that you’re stating. As well as I think if a person is paying attention currently, that’s still in the center of the tornado, it can be really uncomfortable or tough to hear this.

Yet it’s something that we understand from ourselves, however additionally from speaking with a great deal of individuals that have actually been relocating via this for a long period of time or have actually been via it, that this is what the majority of us experienced in the long run. So this is something additionally that we required to find out: to be able to relocate with what’s occurring with us.

You do not understand what you will certainly enter completion

I assume it’s a Chinese stating … It’s not a claiming, however it’s a little tale that something took place to a farmer, and afterwards all the town was stating to him, “Oh, it’s so negative that this taken place to you. It’s so depressing.” As well as the farmer stated, “I do not understand yet if it’s depressing or negative. It hasn’t played out yet.” And afterwards another thing took place as well as individuals state it repeatedly as well as once more. Each time he states: “I do not understand if it misbehaves or depressing, it hasn’t played out yet.” As well as there’s additionally one more essence to the tale, however I assume that reveals what you’re stating.

[25:39 Nick Mercer] Yeah.

[25:41 Melanie] You do not understand what will certainly result it. As well as if you pick a state of mind, allow it be among hope, as well as of renovation, as well as opportunity.

[25:53 Nick Mercer] Whatever the circumstance is!

Blast Talk podcast

Concussion Talk podcast

[25:56 Melanie] Specifically! Exists another thing that you would certainly still such as to share? Possibly something regarding your company or your internet site or any type of recommendations, anything you intend to share?

Blast Talk episode with Melanie

[26:09 Nick Mercer] My internet site As well as my podcast is the Blast Talk podcast, which you have actually behaved sufficient to be on. We simply have actually been speaking permanently, due to the fact that we simply tape-recorded my podcasts prior to this one.

I’m uncertain when your own will certainly appear, however ours will certainly appear regarding February 8 2022. So look at that one as well as delight in life as long as you can. If you simply consider life as long as you can as well as see life as simply a lot of experience. Value those experiences.

Closing the meeting

[26:44 Melanie] I intend to thanks for your time as well as your interest.

[26:49 Nick Mercer] Thanks a lot. Dankjewel!

[26:50 Melanie] Alsjeblieft. Oh no! I simply reacted to you, however I must state “dankjewel”, as well as you must state “alsjeblieft”.

[27:01 Nick Mercer] Alsjeblieft?

[27:02 Melanie] Yes. That’s: “You rate.”

What do you remove?

[27:06 Melanie] Currently I would certainly enjoy to learn through you. What do you remove from this episode? Exists something that you can relate to your life immediately?

Directly over to as well as leave your remark currently. As well as if you intend to listen to as well as learn more Blast Stories, workable actions as well as ideas, make sure to register for the Lifeyana e-mail listing while you exist, to make sure that you never ever lose out on brand-new products we continuously created you.

If you intend to sustain this podcast, directly over Thanks for paying attention to this Blast Stories episode by Lifeyana. May you be well, as well as might you enjoy.

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