COVID Prevention & Therapy with Herbs & Pure Drugs

COVID Prevention & Therapy with Herbs & Pure Drugs

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With autumn, back-to-school, and virus season ramping up, we’ve up to date our Covid prevention and remedy suggestions.  We lead with natural and pure therapies, and in addition present data and assets that can assist you contemplate pharmaceutical choices if you’re in want.  Data is energy, and far of this data just isn’t what’s being offered on the mainstream channels. ????

You could select to do all the suggestions or some, relying on what feels finest.  Usually, fewer cures and decrease dosages is efficient for prophylaxis, whereas increased dosages and extra quite a few cures could have higher impact for remedy of energetic an infection.  

All herbs and dietary supplements could also be ordered by our clinic if that’s useful, by calling 845-687-6211.  

Botanical Medicines 

(NB:  *all botanicals and nutritional vitamins are secure to be taken along with pharmaceutical drugs; take half-hour or extra aside.)

  • Going Viral Liposomal Essential Oil Remedy It is a formulation of anti-viral important oils which might be blended with sunflower lecithin and water to create a nano-emulsion.  It’s a potent technique to stop and deal with Covid and different viral colds and flu.   Typical grownup dose is 2 Tablespoons / 2x / day.
  • Natural Formulation:
    • Licorice & Ginger – Out there as a brew-tea or granules (see web site or label for dosage directions).  Our #1 suggestion for day by day natural prevention of Covid, colds and flus.  This components helps wholesome immune system operate and fast response to virus publicity.  Warming and nice tasting!
    • Ilex Viro Protect – Out there as a brew-tea, granules, or tincture.  It is a broad-spectrum anti-viral components that’s finest taken for prevention or to deal with early stage (1st week of an infection) Covid, chilly or flu. It helps alleviate fever, chills, headache, physique aches, lymph and mucus congestion.
    • Blue Green Dragon Protection – Out there as a brew-tea or granules.  This components is right for prevention and to assist a full restoration all through the course of the sickness.  Particularly it’s helpful for gastro-intestinal and/or respiratory symptom shows (comparable to lung or abdomen weak point, cough, nausea, or bowel irregularity).  
    • Clear Toxin & Restore Harmony – Out there as a brew-tea or granules.  That is our strongest and most bitter brew for remedy of average to extreme signs of Covid and flu.  It aids with fever discount, vomiting and diarrhea, head and physique aches, persistent cough, and thirst.  This components could also be taken as much as 4x / day throughout acute sickness to speed up restoration and stop lingering sickness.
    • Cleanse & Renew – Out there as a brew-tea or granules.  In case you are by the worst of your signs and trying to additional detoxify and clear your physique of the infectious and noxious results of the sickness, then that is the components for you.  Aids with cleansing and full eradication and restoration from the virus.
    • Qi Restore – Out there as a brew-tea or granules.  This components helps full restoration and regeneration of power and vitality post-illness.  It aids the immune system in restoring stability, helps restore of broken tissues, and helps to stop lingering signs or long-haul Covid.
  • Vapor Rub is a really helpful topical for sinus and chest congestion.  In case you select to (or should) put on a face masks at instances, making use of Vapor Rub to your nostril first is an effective way to maximise self-protection because the important oil substances assist to inhibit viruses earlier than they transfer past your respiratory tract.
  • And final however not least, Elderberry Syrup is a scrumptious, and uber-kid-friendly preventive treatment that additionally helps ease sore throat ache and cough.

Vitamin Dietary supplements for Immune Assist

  • Vitamin C, 2 gram complete, day by day. Ideally take vit C with bioflavonoids and if doable, for finest outcomes, gradual launch or liposomal formulation.

We suggest both of the next:

DaVinci Labs Liposomal C
Vital Nutrients Vitamin C with Bioflavonoids

In case you get sick, 1 gram each 2 hours or as tolerated by bowel (greater than your physique wants will give unfastened stools) fortifies the immune system, particularly the white blood cells combating the an infection.

  • Zinc 50 mg day by day – possible works by interfering with the viral replication. Zinc will keep principally outdoors the cell except ushered in, for instance, by Quercetin or Hydroxychloroquine.  Right here is the product we suggest:

Allergy Research Group Zinc Citrate

  • Quercetin 3x day by day [500mg x 3 or approximate equivalent]. Functions: 
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Recycles Vitamin C
  • Helps drive zinc into the cell.   See beneath for an article that talks in regards to the HCQ research, politics, and about how Quercetin could be substituted for the HCQ though the Hydroxychloroquine is predicted to be stronger (see the underside of the article).  
  • Inexperienced Tea Extract: 2-3x day by day – additionally has catechins to assist drive the zinc into the cell) – can be utilized as a substitute of quercetin (or drink inexperienced tea within the morning).

Product we suggest: Designs for Health Quercetin + Nettles 

  • Vitamin D Common 5,000U day by day particularly September by Might (for Northern hemisphere), or extra (10,000 IU day by day) if blood ranges are underneath 40 for immune assist. Wonderful article on vitamin D lowering threat by 64 – 96%: If already having COVID19, a median grownup can sometimes take 25,000U day by day on common for per week, then return to 10,000 IU day by day. 

Beneficial Product:  Ortho Molecular Vitamin D3 with K2

  • Melatonin: This non-prescription merchandise is a quickly rising star displaying a strong discount in COVID sickness and mortality (about 30% discount of threat of getting COVID). See backside most merchandise. 

Beneficial product:  Quicksilver Scientific Liposomal Melatonin

Scientists Study Melatonin As Possible COVID-19 Treatment

  • Magnesium:  Magnesium is required to uptake Vit D. Ideally 400mg+ day by day however no matter you get in is healthier than not taking it. Magnesium Oxide doesn’t soak up and its goal is to remain within the intestine and loosen stools. Take another magnesium for the aim of elevating your Magnesium blood degree. 

Beneficial product (1/day with meals):  Innate Response Magnesium 300

  • Vitamin A (fish supply/Vit A Palmitate) 25,000IU take 1 day by day for 3 days, then 1-2x weekly for immune assist (particularly for viruses). Vit A and Vit D compete with one another for websites so one can push the opposite out; due to this fact, it’s helpful to take vit A in case you take vit D. Additionally, vitamin A is required to take up magnesium.

Beneficial product:  Klaire Labs Micellized Vitamin A

Different Therapy

  1. Hydrogen Peroxide (Dr Brownstein): Nebulized peroxide could also be a fast and easy technique to heal the sickness.  Right here’s how one can self-treat:

    Nebulized Hydrogen Peroxide – A Simple Remedy for COVID-19

  2. Non-compulsory however beneficial:  NAC and Glutathione to scale back and assist with cytokine storm.

    Beneficial Product:  Quicksilver Scientific Liposomal Glutathione

Prescription drugs: 

  • Ivermectin:  My prime choose however contemplate all choices if sick and susceptible.

Ivermectin is now a therapeutic possibility for docs.  Senate testimony, Dr Kory describes a big examine displaying a 100% efficacy utilizing Ivermectin prophylactically:

  • COVID-19 Critical Care

    On this article there’s a hyperlink (on the proper, 3rd field) that’s titled: Ivermectin in the prophylaxis and treatment of COVID-19  

    In that hyperlink it talks in regards to the experiment  the place Ivermectin was proven to be extremely efficient in stopping COVID in hospital employees.  It is usually talked about within the senate testimony video.

    To search out it do a ‘command F’ or ‘management F’ to seek out the quantity 788 (which is the variety of hospital employees within the examine, vs the 58% of the management… )

    To see the place to get Ivermectin, go to  This web page has lots of helpful, up-to-date details about new variants and extra remedy strategies.

  • Hydroxychloroquine

    In case you get sick (e.g., fever, belly or GI upset, foul smelling diarrhea, muscle aches, flu like signs, dry cough) then one can contemplate Hydroxychloroquine.

    The aim is each anti-inflammatory however much more essential, it pushes the zinc into the cell the place it interferes with viral replication.  It’s typically mixed with  Azithromycin (or Doxycycline if attempting to keep away from Azithromycin attributable to cardiac considerations). You will have zinc supplementation as nicely, 100 to 200 mg day by day, or extra.  Prescriptions can be found by or

Article:  A look on the 2 graphs within the article clearly exhibits that the place Hydroxychloroquine is promoted, the mortality fee is a fraction of what it’s the place it’s not getting used.
Countries Using Hydroxychloroquine Have Low Coronavirus Fatality Rate

  • Consultations for Prescriptions:

Push Health: Tele-medicine prescribing ivermectin – related, value by donation 

A wonderful useful resource for forward-thinking medical data is Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance:  I-MASK protocols, Ivermectin dosing, and so forth.

Consultations for Holistic & Natural Drugs:

When you have Covid, are a Covid long-hauler, or a Covid long-vaxxer (struggling with persistent well being points because of receiving the Covid vaccine), and you want to a session to assist heal and restore your physique, then please attain out to us at 845-687-6211 or e-mail  As a long-time professional in holistic therapeutic from persistent infectious illness, we perceive what you’re going by and are on the forefront of pure options for these situations.  

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