Delicious Distractions|Kara Swanson’s Brain Injury Blog site

Delicious Distractions|Kara Swanson’s Brain Injury Blog site

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Delicious Distractions

For the majority of us with TBI, disturbances are so thwarting in regards to our effectiveness and also capability to perform everyday to-dos that maintain us “in the video game” with our individuals and also our lives. For me, spontenaity and also final modifications and also strategies that go crazy typically toss me right into a tailspin and also it’s difficult to recoup.

While disturbances can hinder and also fall and also zig-zag us off our carefully-planned video game, they can additionally be a honored present of remedy for all the initiative it requires to work in our TBI globes.

Today, the majority of us are sidetracked by Xmas behaviors and also, for the majority of us in the USA, we are sidetracked by the dreadful weather condition that is a difficulty at many turns.

Yet I am harkened by the disturbances.


A lot of us, after we are injured, wish for a typical we no more have accessibility to. We lament those days in the past, typically with pain and also temper that stubbornly maintains.

Soooo … when I discover that I am side-tracked by final Xmas points and also when I understand that we are all attempting to dress versus minus-20 wind cools with 50mph gusts, I grin a little underneath my 17 headscarfs.

I advise myself that these are the tasty disturbances of the typical and also I am thankful. It is a tip that we will certainly constantly be way greater than this injury. Method much better in many methods!

I want you all a Merry Whatever. Whatever vacations, practices, and also minutes you look for and also prize, might they be plentiful and also load your hearts.

Might there be tasty disturbances that advise you of exactly how splendidly typical we are, whatever that implies. Chuckling right here.

Please protect and also cozy and also healthy and balanced. Please delight in even more minutes of smiles and also love and also pleasure than you can count.

Merry Xmas! Love you.

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