ELQ-598: A Promising Drug Remedy for Human Babesiosis

ELQ-598: A Promising Drug Remedy for Human Babesiosis

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ACS Infectious Illnesses (Vydyam, P., et al.) 04.02.2024, revealed, “Effectiveness of Two New Endochin-like Quinolones, ELQ-596 and ELQ-650, in Experimental Mouse Fashions of Human Babesiosis.” On this examine, researchers discovered that Endochin-like quinolones (ELQs), a category of small molecule antimicrobials, are efficient in opposition to a variety of protozoan parasites that have an effect on people.

ELQs goal the mitochondrial electron transport chain of those parasites by inhibiting the cytochrome bc1 complexes efficient in opposition to Plasmodium and Babesia. ELQ-596 and ELQ-650, two second-generation 3-biaryl ELQ compounds, present excessive  exercise in opposition to Babesia in vitro.

Oral administration of ELQ-598, a prodrug of ELQ-596, as a monotherapy (dosage of 10 mg/kg), achieved radical remedy in each the continual mannequin of B. microti-induced babesiosis in immunocompromised mice. It additionally confirmed radical remedy within the deadly an infection mannequin induced by B. duncani in immunocompetent mice. Excessive efficiency, good physicochemical properties, and a low toxicity profile makes ELQ-596 a promising drug for the therapy of human babesiosis.

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