Hygromycin A Headed for Human Trials in Australia

Hygromycin A Headed for Human Trials in Australia

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Kim Lewis, PhD Professor of Biology Northeastern College Boston, MA

Northeastern World Information (Cynthia McCormick Hibbert, 02.28.24) printed “Experimental antibiotic remedy for Lyme heads for human security trials.” Human security trials are scheduled to start for hygromycin A this spring in Australia.  Hygromycin A is a novel antibiotic remedy for Lyme disease developed by Northeastern professor Kim Lewis. To this point, hygromycin A has been discovered to clear Lyme spirochete infections in mice with none toxicity to animals. 

This lengthy neglected antibiotic particularly targets spirochetes, leaving the microbiome of the intestine intact not like the broad spectrum antibiotic, doxycycline, usually used to deal with Lyme disease. If profitable in human security trials, hygromycin A will then be examined for effectiveness in clearing Lyme spirochete an infection from sufferers with acute illness. There may be hope that this drug may even profit power Lyme sufferers in clearing persistent illness. Outcomes for the human security trials of hygromycin A are anticipated by fall.

LDA Observe:  Kim Lewis spoke on Hygromycin A throughout his discuss on “Creating therapies for Lyme disease” at The Lyme Illness Affiliation/Columbia College Vagelos School of Physicians & Surgeons Digital Convention in 2021.  See video under.

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