Looking, Tenting, Gardening x Lyme with the Tick Terminator Brian Anderson – The Tick Chicks

Looking, Tenting, Gardening x Lyme with the Tick Terminator Brian Anderson – The Tick Chicks

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Benefit from the Nice Outside Safely and Stop Tickborne Sickness

Nature fans, hikers, hunters, mushroom foragers, and gardeners:  Are you doing every thing in your energy to be tick preventative?  This podcast episode of Lyme Time options Brian Anderson, the “Tick Terminator” that everybody wants to listen to.  As an avid outdoorsman himself, Brian talks particularly about misconceptions surrounding ticks and different vectors identified for spreading Lyme disease and co-infections.  He’s the writer of the e book “Successful the Warfare on Ticks” and has made it his mission to coach these of us in the neighborhood that work or play within the nice open air.

If you happen to or somebody you’re keen on spends any time in cool, shaded, low-lying brush (what ticks like most), please ship this data to them.  Particularly good for these mother and father of kids and people within the army who do in depth coaching.

Ticks CAN be prevented nevertheless it have to be taken significantly, and sprays have to be utilized appropriately.  When achieved so, clothes and equipment might be “protected” for as much as 12 weeks and plenty of washings!  Brian takes us by way of all of it and as he places it, “ticks don’t must be huge to be dangerous”.  Pay attention now and learn to safely navigate and revel in all that nature has to supply.

This can be a nice episode to play for outside staff or youngsters if you’re an educator!

To take heed to this podcast episode, discover Lyme Time on Apple, Spotify, YouTube or at TheTickChicks.com.  Or, click on HERE!

To study extra about The Tick Terminator, go to TheTickTerminator.com.

Right here’s to as soon as once more having fun with nature in all her magnificence.


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