Lyme disease causes respiration issues

Lyme disease causes respiration issues

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In a letter to the editor, entitled “Atypical presentation of Lyme disease,” Jarosińska and colleagues describe a novel case of a diaphragm paralysis attributable to Lyme disease. [1]

In keeping with the authors, diaphragm paralysis as a complication of Lyme disease was first reported in 1986. Since then, there have solely been 4 circumstances involving bilateral paralysis of the diaphragm, which might trigger respiration issues in sufferers.  “… the introduced case would be the fifth described case of bilateral diaphragmatic paralysis in the midst of possible Lyme neuroborreliosis.”

Sufferers with this situation expertise weak point of the diaphragm and “have diminished respiration capabilities or are unable to regulate their voluntary respiration. Additionally they have problem sustaining sufficient fuel alternate, because the lungs should not in a position to inhale and exhale exterior air as effectively.”²

Lyme disease causes respiration issues

A 64-year-old man exhibited signs of acute respiratory failure when mendacity on his again and complained of dyspnea, respiration troublesome throughout sleep, and ache within the cervical backbone, which had been ongoing for about one month.

“Upon admission, bodily examination revealed tachypnea, a thoracic respiration sample, and elevated respiratory effort with the activation of accent respiratory muscle tissues, with none indicators of an acute respiratory an infection,” the authors state.

A cardiac examination revealed bilateral phrenic nerve palsy and the affected person was transferred to the neurology division for additional testing, which revealed no important abnormalities.

Infectious Illness Testing

“The diagnostic course of was broadened and serological evaluation was carried out to check for a variety of antibodies,” together with these particular to Lyme disease, the authors state.

Check outcomes had been optimistic for Lyme disease. Nonetheless, there was no historical past of a tick chew.

“Therefore, the affected person was recognized with bilateral phrenic nerve palsy in the midst of possible Lyme neuroborreliosis,” the authors state.

The affected person was handled with IV ceftriaxone, adopted by oral doxycycline.

“In the course of the hospitalization, partial scientific enchancment was achieved and the affected person was discharged dwelling in a secure situation with none respiratory assist.”

In keeping with the authors, “palsy of the phrenic nerve in the midst of [Lyme neuroborreliosis] is a uncommon and distinctive symptom.”

Nonetheless, “it appears cheap to think about serological diagnostics for Lyme disease in sufferers with diaphragmatic paralysis of undetermined etiology.”


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