Lyme disease results in muscle weak point of the leg and constipation

Lyme disease results in muscle weak point of the leg and constipation

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Of their article, “Atypical Acute Neuroborreliosis With Leg Paresis and Constipation,” Ahrend and colleagues describe a case of Lyme disease presenting with neurological and autonomic manifestations in an aged man. [1]

An 80-year-old man, later recognized with Lyme disease, was admitted to the hospital with left leg paresis [muscle weakness], together with ache and sensory disturbances in his left stomach. He additionally had a rash on his left decrease stomach, extreme belly ache and constipation. The signs had been ongoing for 4-5 weeks.

The affected person had visited three different medical facilities for analysis of his belly ache. Nevertheless, a colonoscopy and CT scan of the stomach didn’t clarify the severity of the affected person’s signs.

The rash manifest as a “patchy, pruritic redness with pustules, which was notably outstanding on the left flank and stomach,” the authors state.

Testing for Lyme disease revealed Borrelia-specific IgM and IgG antibodies, per the symptomatology of neuroborreliosis.

“Lastly, a analysis of [Lyme disease] was made, which initially manifested itself with autonomic signs (constipation) and extreme belly ache, accompanied by a pores and skin rash” and muscle weak point in his left leg that appeared in a while, the authors state.

“The affected person’s constipation is probably going as a result of autonomic involvement of the illness.”

The rash, characterised as a flat, itchy redness with pustules, was atypical for Lyme disease, the authors level out.

“… serological checks had been lastly conclusive for Lyme borreliosis, in order that the belly ache and [constipation] had been evaluated as autonomic, and the leg paresis as neurological involvement of neuroborreliosis.”

The affected person’s signs resolved fully following a 21-day course of doxycycline.

After remedy for Lyme disease, the affected person’s muscle weak point disappeared, as did his intestinal signs. And, he was capable of “resume his house train program inside two months and since then he has been on the identical bodily degree as earlier than,” the authors state.

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