“Lyme disease” scores as Jeopardy query

“Lyme disease” scores as Jeopardy query

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Some folks assume you’ve made it large in the event you’re named in a Jeopardy query or reply.

By that measure, each “Lyme disease” and the documentary “The Quiet Epidemic” have undoubtedly made the grade!

On February 13’s episode of the favored quiz present, below “Documentaries for $1200,” the reply was:

“The Quiet Epidemic” makes the case for the existence of the persistent type of this illness named after a New England city.

And, as illustrated within the clip beneath, the right query was, after all, “What’s Lyme disease?”

(Reminder: On Jeopardy, contestants are given the reply and are supposed to provide the query.)

On The Quiet Epidemic’s Fb web page, the filmmakers stated: “We didn’t know this was occurring. It got here as an entire shock.”


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