Lyme disease triggers autoimmune illness – Lupus

Lyme disease triggers autoimmune illness – Lupus

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An rising variety of research point out that Lyme disease might ignite an autoimmune response in some people or signs might mimic an autoimmune illness.

Of their article “Lyme Borreliosis as a Trigger for Autoimmune Disease,” Yehudina and colleagues current a novel case during which an an infection with Borrelia burgdorferi (the micro organism which causes Lyme disease) triggered the autoimmune situation, systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), additionally known as lupus.¹

Because the authors level out, “long-term publicity of the host’s immune system to [Borrelia] spirochetes can contribute to the event of [a new onset] persistent autoimmune illness.”

This case report describes a 35-year-old lady who developed ache within the joints of her hand, episodes of low-grade fever, normal weak spot and fatigue and pores and skin rashes on her fingers and trunk. The girl reported having an insect chunk previous to the onset of her signs.

“The affected person consulted a dermatologist, who prescribed topical therapy (ointment containing steroids) for dermatitis for one month however with no response,” the authors state.

She then consulted with a rheumatologist, who ordered Lyme disease testing, which was constructive by Western blot.

The girl was identified with Lyme disease and prescribed a 28-day course of antibiotic therapy with doxycycline.

“Following remedy, her normal situation improved with decision of joint ache, weak spot, normalization of physique temperature, and reduce in rashes,” the authors state.

“There’s robust proof of the presence of an immune-mediated course of in sufferers with antibiotic resistant [Lyme disease].”

Nevertheless, 2 months after finishing therapy, the lady exhibited new signs. She developed low-grade fevers, a butterfly-like bilateral erythema on the cheek, hair loss, ache, morning stiffness in her fingers and wrist joints, weight reduction and pronounced chilliness of the fingers.

“Bearing in mind the change within the medical manifestations, additional investigations have been performed to exclude systemic connective tissue illnesses and lymphoma,” the authors state.

A pores and skin biopsy was carried out and revealed that the lady, in truth, had lupus, an autoimmune illness.

After therapy for the autoimmune illness, her signs improved considerably.

The authors conclude, “Lengthy-term publicity of the host’s immune system to spirochetes may cause persistent autoimmune illness.”

“One attainable rationalization for antibiotic-resistant [Lyme disease] or subsequent autoimmune reactions and illnesses is the era of autoimmunity immediately or not directly mediated by the pathogen and primarily based on molecular mimicry,” the authors level out.


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