New research study discloses an enhanced danger of concussion-related injuries in away video games

New research study discloses an enhanced danger of concussion-related injuries in away video games

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With this year’s 6 Countries well underway, several followers of the sporting activity will certainly be maintaining a close eye on their group’s option weekly as the rugby globe is paying closer interest to concussion-related injuries.

Until now in the event, a number of top-level gamers have actually remained in the limelight after experiencing trauma methods, consisting of Wales’s Alun Wynn-Jones as well as England hooker Jamie George.

Brand-new research study from the College of Warwick has actually determined an enhanced danger when it concerns trauma for rugby players far from residence, along with enhanced signs, sign seriousness as well as longer healing times in expert rugby gamers.

Undoubtedly, while basic physical variables related to traveling consisting of elevation, physical fitness, filling as well as tiredness have actually been located to influence the chance of injury the result of traveling on mind injuries particularly has actually greatly been ignored.

This is a vital location of refresher course, as blasts can have an extensive effect on a specific, as well as also long-lasting repercussions. “Appropriate healing from trauma is likewise extremely crucial as well as might be impacted by numerous variables [e.g., food, sleep, exercise) that can be complicated by long-distance travel,” commented Dr. Michelle Miller, one of the study investigators.

The participants in this study include school rugby teams, a university rugby team, and a professional rugby team. The school teams comprised of male athletes between 14 and 18 years of age, while the university rugby team included 48 males aged between 18 and 25. The elite rugby team included male players between 18 to 34 years of age.

Teams at various levels of sport should consider the implications of travel on the management of concussions. This may include delaying return travel for those who sustain a concussion, allowing them more time to recover before returning home.

Researcher, Nathan Howarth, said; “This research aimed to increase the awareness of head-related injuries particularly differences in playing environments, and while the focus on head injuries among the rugby community has increased, looking more closely at other contributing factors will no doubt improve the safety of players moving forwards.”

Coventry Rugby Head Physio Andy Hemming said, “This kind of research is invaluable not only for our game, but for all contact sports. The recent proposed lowering of the amateur game’s tackle height clearly indicates the severity of the threat that concussion poses to the realistic and safe longevity of the Rugby Union. A concussion is one of the most common injuries that we deal with, and it’s one that relatively, we know little about as a sporting community.”

“We must try to understand as much as we possibly can about this injury, meaning no stone can be left unturned. The research into the effect that travel can have on head injuries and how the likes of travel fatigue can worsen a player’s degree of concussion is an area that will be incredibly useful to understand within both the professional and amateur game.”

Dan Lewis, former Coventry Rugby player—still playing lower-level rugby, says, “As a player, it’s reassuring to see concussion-related research being taken seriously. Recently we’ve seen the very real dangers that can stem from multiple head collisions, and how not only one’s ability to play rugby but also the capability to live a normal life can be taken away.”

“Personally, I have never given previous thought to the effects that travel could have on a case of concussion, but that’s exactly why research like this is so vital. We need to travel down every avenue possible to know as much as we can about this injury so that we can keep players safe.”

New research reveals an increased risk of concussion-related injuries in away games (2023, March 10)
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