Podcast includes teen skier with persistent Lyme disease

Podcast includes teen skier with persistent Lyme disease

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Siri, a 17-year-old Nordic ski racer from Vermont, has actually dealt with persistent Lyme disease because she was a child. She has actually gone through a range of therapies, and also her health and wellness has actually had its ups and also downs via the years.

She’s included in My Body Odyssey, a podcast concerning the advantages and also benefits of living an energetic way of living.

The episode is called The Steep Climbs of Persistent Lyme: Nordic Skier Siri Waxes, Wanes & & Wins

The section likewise includes Lyme-literate medical professional Dr. Steven Phillips, a previous head of state of ILADS and also co-author of guide “Persistent.”

He supplies professional discourse concerning Lyme disease therapy and also strolls audiences via the biology behind persistent Lyme– consisting of exactly how the infection can remain inactive in the body for several years, creating signs to resurface long after the first tick bite.

Click here to listen to the podcast.

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