Podcast: Lyme disease as well as Long-COVID in a 16-year-old lady

Podcast: Lyme disease as well as Long-COVID in a 16-year-old lady

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Hello there as well as welcome to an additional Inside Lyme Podcast with your host Dr. Daniel Cameron. In this podcast, Dr. Cameron talks about the situation of a 6-year-old teen with Lyme disease, that established Long-COVID.

Dr. Cameron lately released this situation, drawn from a Lyme disease as well as COVID study, in a research qualified “Consequences of Contracting COVID-19 or Taking the COVID-19 Vaccine for Individuals with a History of Lyme Disease.” ¹


The situation included a 16-year-old lady with a background of a tick bite, erythema migrans breakout, Bell’s palsy as well as a puffy knee. Lyme disease examinations declared with 5 of 10 IgG Western blot bands. She had actually been ill for 5 years. She had actually additionally been identified with persistent exhaustion as well as Message -Therapy Lyme disease Disorder (PTLDS).

The girl had actually been dealt with for 3 years with dental as well as IV prescription antibiotics, along with supplements. She reported being persistantly ill from Lyme disease yet was not being treated with prescription antibiotics at the time of the Study.

Her COVID-19 was validated by nasal swab. She was not hospitalized yet had high temperature, exhaustion, as well as migraine as well as some restrictions on tasks because of her health problem. She was ill a lot more for than a month.

The lady really felt that her background of having a tick-borne health problem made her intense COVID-19 health problem even worse. She established long-COVID.

Her GSQ-30 rating was 68 out of 120, showing a high signs and symptom worry. Her worst signs were really feeling worn down or having reduced power, really feeling even worse after regular exercise, requiring even more rest than normal, not really feeling hinged on wakening, pain with regular light or noise, modifications in aesthetic clearness or difficulty concentrating, warm or chilly feelings in extremities, uneven or fast heart beats, really feeling cranky, depressing, really feeling panicky, distressed, or concerned, difficulty searching for or fetching words, difficulty with memory, as well as slower rate of reasoning.


Inquiries attended to in this podcast:

  1. Can you go over the Lyme disease as well as COVID study?
  2. What is the worry of health problem range?
  3. What was the worry of health problem for people with a background of Lyme disease without acquiring COVID?
  4. What was the worry of health problem for people with a background of Lyme disease that got COVID?
  5. According to the study, the number of people with a background of Lyme disease established long-COVID?
  6. What are the advantages of Institutional Testimonial Board (IRB) authorization?
  7. Was 16-year-old lady’s Lyme disease background common?
  8. Was this 16-year-old lady’s COVID situation common?
  9. What are your worry about this situation?
  10. What are your issues for others with long-COVID that have a background of Lyme disease?
  11. Could Lyme disease as well as long-COVID be puzzled?
  12. What would certainly you encourage a client?

Many thanks for paying attention to an additional Inside Lyme Podcast. Please bear in mind that the guidance provided is basic as well as not meant as certain guidance to any type of specific person. If you need certain guidance, please look for that guidance from a knowledgeable expert.

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  1. Cameron DJ, McWhinney SR. Effects of Acquiring COVID-19 or Taking the COVID-19 Vaccination for People with a Background of Lyme Disease. Anti-biotics (Basel). Mar 1 2023; 12( 3 )doi:10.3390/ antibiotics12030493

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