Regulation Thermography & Naturopathic Drugs with Dr. Alice Honican – The Tick Chicks

Regulation Thermography & Naturopathic Drugs with Dr. Alice Honican – The Tick Chicks

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How can Regulation Thermography therapy assist Lyme disease?

Dr. Alice Honican’s expertise is a bit totally different from many different Lyme-literate practitioners. The daughter of a Naturopath-Acupuncturist-Chiropractor, she was raised in a house that embraced a pure perspective on healthcare. Her father, Dr. Seneca Anderson, was treating power fatigue syndrome and Epstein-Barr virus again within the 80s!  He was one of many first Lyme-literate holistic practitioners within the state of Georgia, in addition to the nation, and ran a thriving follow for greater than 45 years. Dr. Honican educated below her father, and has now been training for 20 years, treating lots of of sufferers with tick-borne infections and different acute and power sicknesses. 

Right now Dr. Honican has taken over as Proprietor and Lead Practitioner of the follow. She has her personal distinctive, multi-faceted method to treating Lyme, utilizing a mixture of custom-made homeopathic detox cures, herbs, and supporting detox therapies. However considered one of her most fascinating follow instruments is Regulation Thermography. Many individuals are conscious of the facility of Thermography to detect the early indicators of breast most cancers and as an alternative choice to mammogram, however it’s additionally an incredible instrument for early detection of Lyme/spirochetes, which firsthand is so troublesome to diagnose. 

Hearken to the Lyme Time Podcast as we discover bio-energetic testing utilizing frequency to heal Lyme and power circumstances.  We additionally go deep into Regulation Thermography and the way the physique provides suggestions after being cooled to 68 levels with pinpoint accuracy.  We additionally hear extra about how power hip ache was one affected person’s unresolved tooth problem and the way Dr. Honican helped them be pain-free.

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