The numerous impacts of infections, corresponding to Lyme, on psychological well being

The numerous impacts of infections, corresponding to Lyme, on psychological well being

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Dr. Robert Bransfield, Dr. Charlotte Mao and Dr.Rosalie Greenberg have written a complete and necessary evaluation that addresses the historical past, pathophysiology, private and scientific significance of the interface between microbes and psychological well being. From the definition of phrases and particular psychological circumstances, to related issues in prognosis and therapy, this evaluation comprises necessary info for anybody wanting to raised perceive these points.

The evaluation summarizes lots of the doable causes of psychiatric signs together with direct results of the microbes themselves and the impact that microbes have on the immune system. Implications for particular infections are outlined, together with related scientific info concerning Lyme disease. The authors spotlight the psychiatric implications of a delayed prognosis.  

“Appreciable confusion, controversy, and complexity surrounding Lyme disease testing contribute to many missed or late diagnoses of Lyme disease that then can manifest with vital late-stage neuropsychiatric symptomatology…Lab testing can’t be relied on alone to diagnose or exclude Lyme disease and, as a substitute, should at all times be thought of within the context of the entire scientific image. Clinicians should be acquainted with the complete array of scientific manifestations of Lyme borreliosis, as, in the end, Lyme disease should be identified clinically on the idea of scientific historical past and examination findings, with lab testing considered supportive or not of the scientific prognosis”

This complete evaluation is a wonderful reference not just for clinicians, but additionally for sufferers and their households. Thanks Dr. Bransfield, Dr. Mao and Dr. Greenberg for penning this evaluation and bringing these critically necessary points to the forefront.


Bransfield RC, Mao C, Greenberg R. Microbes and Psychological Sickness: Previous, Current, and Future. Healthcare. 2024; 12(1):83.

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