Theileria in Asian Longhorned Ticks: Menace to Cattle in Ohio

Theileria in Asian Longhorned Ticks: Menace to Cattle in Ohio

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Ohio’s Nation Journal author, Tim McDermott (Ohio State College Extension Educator) 03.31.24 revealed, “Asian longhorned ticks and Theileria in 2024.” McDermott warns of the rise of medically essential tick species in Ohio and the rising threat to people, companion animals, and livestock from transmission of pathogens. Simply 20 years in the past, Ohio was dwelling to just one species of medically essential tick, and by 2024 that quantity has grown to five. 

The invasive Asian longhorned tick, first found in Ohio in 2020, transmits Theileria orientalis (a protozoa that infects pink and white blood cells) to cattle with the primary case documented in 2022. Tick infestation has additionally resulted in mortality of cattle from excessive numbers of ticks feeding upon people. The longhorned tick is documented in Franklin, Delaware, Ross, Gallia, Vinton, Jackson, Athens, Morgan, Monroe, Belmont, and Guernsey counties with constructive circumstances of Theileria recognized in cattle in 8 counties (Crawford, Guernsey, Adams, Columbiana, Tuscarawas, Monroe, Belmont, and Harrison). 

Theileria causes elevated coronary heart charges and respiratory charges, anemia, jaundice, open females, and elevated mortality. Although there’s a check to diagnose Theileria in a suspected case, there isn’t any authorized remedy for this illness within the US.

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