Why you are incorrect in the event you model a brain injury survivor as poisonous #jumbledbrain

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THE CONTROL FREAK – They’ve a number of guidelines to comply with for various conditions, such because the setting you meet in (lighting, background noise and so forth.) Plus once they disagree with you about one thing they gained’t cease attempting to persuade you that they’re proper.

WHY THIS DOESN’T MAKE A BRAIN INJURY SURVIVOR “TOXIC” – Most of the guidelines a brain injury survivor is attempting to impose on a scenario, are literally their coping mechanisms. They might undergo with noise and lightweight sensitivity and these guidelines assist them to handle their fatigue and keep away from further ache. I’ve been that occasion pooper who has begged somebody to show the music down which wasn’t even loud. There will be only a specific vibration or pitch that  simply overloads the injured mind of a survivor. Give it some thought, if a wheelchair used stated they might solely meet someplace with that’s wheelchair accessible you wouldn’t suppose they had been being controlling, simply asking you to make decisions which suggests they will safely take part. 

If we disagree with you and gained’t let it go, that might be us scuffling with our sluggish processing. Typically with the broken pathways it will probably take us lengthy to take one thing in and analyse it correctly. Which may imply we preserve pushing again as a result of it doesn’t sound correct to us. We’d ultimately agree with you as soon as the mind has mulled on it for some time, or we would nonetheless not agree with you. A brain injury doesn’t imply we’re silly or that you realize higher than us. It might be simply that on that event you’re incorrect and we’re attempting to do you a favour. We’d have misplaced the filter that may kick in and inform us to simply accept that you just’re by no means going to agree and so change the topic. Sure that may make the scenario uncomfortable, however typically in time we will regain this talent so don’t write us off.

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